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About Alter Ego

Photography is one of my deepest passions. I take every available moment to create, but never offered any of my work publicly. I am working to do something about that, so I can spend more time expressing myself photographically.

I am also the founder of Tography.org, an initiative to build a new home for photography projects.

My main areas of artistic focus are intimate landscape portraits and documentary style situational photography, and I like to believe my style invites you to look inwards, with often selectively muted colour fidelity and deep blacks.

I am a strong believer of photography being an artform that let's you be mindful both through the process of creation and in it's final expression - some of this mindfulness and attention to the moment of capture is what I am trying to convey in my work.

There is no doubt in my mind that a photograph is best enjoyed as a fine art print, preferably on the wall, and not on a screen.

A print from my store will look great on your wall.

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