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Workshops, Storytelling & Digital Strategy

  • Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Creator of Workshops

First off, I'm passionate about facilitating and organising workshops and niche oriented events on Svalbard, be it for groups or smaller teams who're looking for a customised, truly unique and memorable experience.

Coupled with my 16 years of professional experience, I will successfully plan, promote and execute your company kick off, "all hands on deck"-sessions, creative, digital design or strategy workshops. I'm skilled in working with the UN SDG's, so if that's your fancy, we're a very good match.

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I also cherish visual storytelling and photography is a love of my life. Stylized with a casual and everyday documentary approach, I offer photo and video from available locations around Longyearbyen. I am sociable and skilled with a camera, and have 6 years of photo editorial experience, so I understand what works and what doesn't.

Juxtapositions and "out of the ordinary" blends of locations and style is perfect when you're looking for truly strong and memorable imagery to use in social media, on websites or in print campaigns, so don't miss the opportunity to talk.

I focus on long term creative work relationships and strive to add high value, uniqueness and variation to my visuals.

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Finally, I'm a friendly strategist and a philosopher and economist by education, with a management consulting background and 12 years of leadership experience from the digital space in my backpack.

I see myself as a self-starter who values creativity, compassion and sensibility, and I've both failed miserably and succeeded in building businesses from scratch. I'm an attentive listener, direct and honest, a helper of startups, a creative and skilled marketeer and always eager to offer advice and encouragement on project development, problem solving or strategy.

I'm currently focused on the tension inherent in the mix of sustainability and the travel industry, and as an experienced team player, business strategist and builder of things digital, I'd love to discuss taking your sustainability project or destination thinking to the next level.

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