Day on Earth II

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From Berlin, Germany. This print is in my 'Days on Earth - Situational Portraits of Self'-series. Through this series, I attempt to explore my own aesthetics, sentiment and look upon the world - through situational portraits - to form another type of portrait, which is that of my own. Signed and numbered in editions of 50, these are offered as minimalist and modern aluminum dibond prints, with deep color fidelity and will look beautiful on your wall. It's size is not too large (A1), so it fits in mostly any home or office. If you require a larger format, get in touch.

  • Limited edition (50), printed on demand
  • Mounted on a high quality dibond aluminum sheet
  • 3mm deep and comprises of a dense polythene core sandwiched between two thin aluminum sheets
  • Comes with a hidden subframe hanging system, floating your artwork 15mm from the wall
  • Measures 23.4x33.2'' (59.4x84.1cm)
  • Signed and numbered by Cato Salter, photographer (2016)